That’s how we roll

Sometimes in movies, you have to wait to the final scene to see it all come together.

This small but painfully never ending 3 month chapter is finally closed

All that pain and worry and the difficulties of sorting it and surviving it are washed away. The money finally arrived.
I mean the sort that you can touch and feel. I’m a “put your money where your mouth is” kinda girl. Until I see it, anything can happen.
But, that long awaited cure that was so badly needed, having completely exhausted every single source, was finally given. Financial ruin reversed in the shape of a hefty loan. It has reduced my options but as I had absolutely none 3 months ago, other than to keep going, I’m suddenly feeling like the world is my lobster. As long as that lobster is cheap. But even more it provides me with that peace of mind.
When I called in sick today, needing to go to the doctors to help me feel better my new manager said “I hope you get the medication that you need”.
I had to laugh!!!
Of course there are other challenges ahead. Start again!!! but I’m allowing myself to just rest for a while.
The logical and emotionless girl can finally take a leave of absence and allow the dreamy one to take back her rightful spot.
What a beautiful sound that has to it.
Where will the dreamer take me.. I have no clue.. anything is possible .. and today I can finally make plans for a birthday celebration befitting my beautiful girl who will turn 18 tomorrow.
What an amazing young woman she has turned into. How proud I am in everything she is.
Her life as an adult is a mystery and adventure waiting to happen.
And whatever that brings, whatever joys or challenges lie in store for her, I will stand quietly behind her providing the safety in her being soooo loved.
Making her 18th birthday something magical feels so very important to me and the fact I now can feels even more special. And it will be shared also with her dad.
One day of perfectness for her. She deserves it. I will work hard to give that to her .. if just for tomorrow.
The sun is shining so very brightly on this beautiful autumnal London day.
And my girl finally defeated her nemesis today as well. Passed her driving test . fourth time round.
Never give up!
Because that’s how we roll.


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