I am the Girl

I am the girl who is a chatterbox but gentle, who is playful and fun and is a lion beneath.

I am the girl who sees life happening around her. Who sees the smiles and the worry and the annoyance and the sadness and the joy and everything in between that passes her by every day as her eyes scan all the people who walk past her in the street or sit opposite on the tube or are next to her in the supermarket queue or standing at the bar or walking around her building.

I am the girl who takes it all in. The details that others miss as they make noise to be seen. I see them but they don’t see me.

I am the girl who is excited by the sky, and by the way a leaf falls at her feet and by the umbrellas dancing in the rain and the pennies stacked on top of the bin.

I am the girl that wants to twirl in the street, or share her music on the tube, or tell a stranger that I like their shoes.

I am the girl who hears music and wants to turn it up as loud as possible and dance to every beat and feel it take her up into the clouds where she feels free.

I am the girl who needs to love. To give out what she can’t contain. To make someone feel like they are more special and worth more than they might ever realise

I am the girl who needs to use her brain. To stretch it and challenge it and fill it with things that no one really cares about but that mean so very much to her.

I am the girl who can feel her heart soar in a random and non descript moment that only has meaning to her but makes her feel so alive that she feels the universe surge through her like a powerful explosion.

I am the girl who is crazy and impulsive and follows her heart to the ends of the earth only to fall off.

I am the girl who is larger than life, brighter than the sun, and filled with sparkle that would light up a night sky but who lives in a world where none of it is seen.

I am the girl who thinks of all the people she loves in every moment of every day but feels so very alone.

I am the girl who everyone knows but is still a mystery to herself.

I am the girl you once knew and loved and provided the magic until she disappeared….
But when the seasons changed and she had collected enough magic she would eventually reappear as someone brand new.
I am the girl ❤️

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