It’s all in the Details

This morning I woke early. And I played the song that found me last night when I was alone.
And I clicked on to the blurb that sits underneath. I don’t know why. I just did.
And I found this:

”Seasons are wild entities – ebbing and flowing carelessly. We cannot control them – only participate. The moment we attempt to sustain them, their inherent wonder dissipates. The flavor subsides. The seasons change – cynically indifferent to our disposition.

So let’s learn to be present in our season. Here. Now. All of you fully engaged in the current moment. The conflict. The flavor and color that life is lavishing upon you. The decanting of the human soul. And if we can do that, we will indeed be changed into people who lack nothing and receive everything.”

Totally was meant to find it this morning. Not last night.
THIS Morning.
And as it rang in my ears I felt something surge through me. A power that said you know how to be you. All of it. Not just the parts that fit perfectly and as required within the confines of where you sit. Beyond what everyone else sees.
I will twirl today. I will show the world the girl who has been hiding.
Perhaps they will see me or perhaps they won’t but I see me.
I know what lies beneath. What others fear to look for. In all their bright and dark colours.
Someone special once said to me “just sit with it”
I have. I am.
But now I want to twirl.
I want to share in the magic. In all the magic that life is. To soar into the sky and create rainbows.
If you see me, then Twirl with me today. Don’t hide it.

Let the world see you too. ❤️

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