The Leveller

When I spoke to my new friend the other day he told me about his very privileged life and education.
Privately educated and well travelled. His dad was a judge. His brothers are all in similar high powered professions. He runs his own business.
The man that walked up to me on the street in his beanie hat with dreads leaking out is someone who grew up in a house where you had to work hard and succeed in your education and to do that would see you being rewarded with trips to amazing places. To not.. well you wouldn’t be going nowhere.
He is a fun guy. He definitely knows how to party .. for sure.
But I am rarely surprised by people. In this case I really was. Because It was so hidden. He had a confident but respectful swagger, and I totally heard his intelligence in that brief moment. But there was no arrogance which very often gives that privilege away. I can normally spot it a mile off. Even when they try to hide it.
Turns out his work is all about those who haven’t grown up with it.
As first meetings go it was jam packed with substance. Political views and thoughts about our society. My boredom in small talk didn’t enter the picture once. But we both have a sense of humour and I found myself laughing alot. He has a cool edge.

Very different worlds but I didn’t hide mine. And I think in the main I can hold my own with anyone.
I may be naive and open hearted in so many ways , but bullshit washes over me, superiority and arrogance leaves me very uninterested and those that delight in parading their money or never working hard in anything they do, just tells me they know the value of nothing. I’m pretty good at seeing what sits beyond the surface although I’ve definitely been wrong in the past. Maybe not wrong, just blinded by my optimism.
Like the it girls of the past that partied hard and were seen as a wild child. It’s easy to be a rebel when mum and dad will bail you out.
It has spoilt kids written all over it. I see it so much but they never see it in themselves. Rebels?
Or conforming in every sense of the word. To despise and disrespect what provided that life shows their distinct lack of respect in others without it.
There are many things in life that can irritate me but that is one of the biggest. And it tells me so much.
But not everyone. I definitely know some privileged types that aren’t like that or if they are just haven’t quite got it yet. I think that is one you have to discover for yourself as you grow up.
To see the complete opposite is something that gives me a spring in my step. To reengage with the world and discover a person who understands both sides of their privilege but in a way where they will work even harder so they can make a difference for those that didn’t grow up with it. Well that’s just inspiring.
Giving your best to everything whether it means anything or not.
Whether it benefits you or not. A work ethic that isn’t about making more money but about making a difference for others even if that is just helping the person you work with or being a good friend.
“I hope eventually I can be one of those few special friends you talk about ”he said.
There was a shared respect in being given this life and what you do with it. Not just what you do but how.
To hear that from someone else .. well that felt pretty epic.
And left me feeling very hopeful in the power of people as well as my own.
I’m definitely on a new road and finding other people like that on my way will make me very happy. I’m not looking but if I hang about enough stations Maybe they will find me 😊

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