The Purest Smile

I am being taught so many lessons in being more.
Finding myself surrounded by people whose cultural and religious backgrounds may be different to mine but are showing me different ways that match with my beliefs and are making me feel connected. Providing the privilege of sharing special moments.
The profound beauty of sadness and hope in what was shared with me today impacted in ways I did not expect this morning as I left my home. Educating me in what I don’t understand so that I might see the picture more clearly. And was felt so strongly at the cores we share.
I drove home believing in life, death and the power of faith.
I was moved in a way that is impossible to create or describe but left feeling like I was glad I’m made the way I’m made.
Perhaps I am not religious, perhaps I don’t follow something that provides the guidance in being better, but today I shared a belief in something more. A more where the purity of love is so deeply valued and held in such high esteem and remembered  in the sweetness of an innocent smile.

Today I felt my heart reopen like a beautiful and delicate flower.

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