The Fairytale

Does the fairytale even exist?

A question asked last night by the angels.
Life has a way of saying it does not but I’m not buying in. It totally does for me. And like everything it is all in the eye of the beholder.
Every fairy tale I ever read had a beginning a middle and an ending. Starting with a dream of something more. But as the fairytale unfolds it contains everything. Friendships, battles, adventures, love, setbacks, fun, learning,  trials that are overcome, but most of all magic. Pure magic!
This whole life is one big fairytale where in moments you find the wonderful things you are looking or not looking for and hoping it will last forever and in others the strength to battle and defeat those challenges. It doesn’t always play out in the ways that you wish for,  but sends you on new journeys.  And as you ride on alone with the wind in your hair and your sword raised in the air (it’s my fairytale. I’m a sexy warrior princess  😊) with music that says, “you will make it, just keep on believing”, you remember all the wonderful things that came before and dream of the story yet to come.
Who knows where that story will take you. It’s the beauty of the whole tale. You will never know until you get to the end,  always hoping that the special characters that you met along the way that mean so much to you, will still be there. And if you are really lucky, finding that special love that connects you together beyond the confines of should.
Last night I was encouraged as they say, to flex my muscles when the need arises and have some more fun. Yes some fun and pleasures in life feel like something this story requires right now. After all it is rolling up to Christmas.

But does the fairy tale exist?   It most certainly does. All you have to do is live it.

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