Something beautiful has happened ever since Friday. Who is helping who?
Whatever that moment of pure and profound connection was it has impacted me at the very deepest level. A depth that I was not even aware of or have never explored in any real way
I have always believed in more, that much is true. I don’t really know what more is but when i listen to the talk on “nothingness” I feel it so deeply. It makes perfect sense to me.
I feel like I am floating in the world right now. Wanting to share with everyone. Feeling so connected to life in all its amazing beauty. All the trivia of my every day routine and decisions feeling so small and insignificant.
Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing I’m feeling completely connected to my core.
It feels like the strangest feeling.
Things that have bothered me or worried me even only a week ago aren’t even touching me.
I hope this feeling lasts. How do I capture it and make it last. Perhaps it won’t but for now I feel peaceful and wanting to share love wherever I go.
And I feel completely fearless in that.
Last night my dream connected me to someone in the most perfect and beautiful way. As though they were dreaming it with me.what a lovely thing to feel
Do I sound crazy? Probably. I hope so 😊
If crazy makes me feel like this.


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