Club Tropicana

Apparently there are cool places in this world full of beautiful and eligible bachelors. Somehow that place eluded me last night as I found myself in the opposite.
Less Magic Mike meets George Clooney and a little more Mike Reid meets Frank Butcher. Babe, babe, babe!!!
But worry not. It did come full of magic. I didn’t stop laughing or dancing all night.
Take me back to the start. The 90’s to be precise, back in my old manor with my two besties from school with some kicking tunes that I have danced to like I owned that dance floor. When my ultimate dance tune of all time came on I was lost on that dance floor in a way that I remember back in the day and I felt it just the way I did back then. There are tunes and then there are Tuuunes!
I could have danced to that one for the entire night but alas there were others in the room crying out for Peter Andre. What can I say. We are all different 😂 not really my thing.
But just for my beautiful N I kept on dancing. I owed it to her to make sure it was the best of nights in all her battles.
What is it with cancer. Is it not enough to have to deal with the pain and the sickness, the emotions of not knowing whether you will make it through as others lives tick on happily, and wondering whether anyone in the world cares that you are going through this.
Only to find as part of your possible cure you have to lose all your hair, leaving you feeling less beautiful and confident.
Nothing can change her beauty. She is beautiful inside and out. The quiet, sweet shy and unassuming person with a lovely laugh and kind nature. Never centre stage but happy to go along for the ride or not. Nothing demanding about this girl. I loved seeing her so happy last night as she drunkenly stumbled around the dance floor with her glass of rose. Bloody marvellous!
And my other friend M who still keeps in touch with half of the kids in our school year, popularity rating “off the scale” had a load of responses to a picture posted of us on her social media. Say hi to MN. She hasn’t changed at all.
I’ll take that I said. Perhaps more worry lines and not quite the bikini body of that young girl but still the happy go lucky smiler who always knew how to have fun.
I may have changed in many ways but some things just are.
And dressed in my “slutty boots” as named by another the other day, my response has been to wear them as often as possible.
Can we do this more often N said. Totally!
We all love to dance and there was something quite lovely in being where I started that felt like we were back at the youfy disco.
When 3 random gentlemen (I’m using that word very loosely) during the course of the evening asked me “can you take care of my drink while I go for a slash. I’ll be right back to you” I laughed to myself.
What a line! Oh the romance!!!
Less catch me if you can and more, Please don’t chase me.
I think my lack of interest beyond my girls and dancing was pretty evident.
But it did made me chuckle.
I think I might be a little too discerning for a single girl’s life.
Something between too much charm and no charm would be a good starting point for me. I always was very discerning with boys.
You could wander in with a chiselled chin and six pack but if you don’t have something about you that rocks my mind then just like Henry Cavill, please just look beautiful from afar.
As the night drew to a close, N was feeling the magic of being out again and feeling free in fun. So we headed down to the casino to keep her fun going for just a little longer.
This place that had always made me feel that i was a sophisticated young woman when I used to dress immaculately to go there on special occasions, had changed beyond recognition. Lots of money thrown at it in the decor but unfortunately now lacking that simple elegance that once was.
Why is it that the more money that is often thrown at things the cheaper it becomes. But I guess I’ll always be a less is more girl and it was lovely to continue a night of N’s happiness before going home in the early morning hours.
Sometimes in all the changes that have happened in my life in recent years it can be very easy to lose sight of who I am and where I came from. I may live in a variety of different circles with different types but one thing is clear, I’m proud of the root of what I bring. Some people find it hard to relate beyond the world they started in but I’ve always felt it is easier for a cleaner to become a Prime Minister than the other way round. Last night reminded my why.
And left me feeling that I would not have wanted to start from anywhere else and will always be happy in returning to it.
It sure knows how to just have fun!


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