Christmas Hustle

Fuck Me!!!
Shakira Shakira. I heard a song a few years back. It found me as they do. Try everything!!!
Been a bit of a theme for me over the last few years, every tine I’ve fucked up! Regularly! like clockwork! I’ve done things I might never have done before, taking me down all sorts of different paths that have felt scary, wonderful, dangerous, exciting. I guess it’s so easy and understandable when Ive got it wrong or I have failed. After al, Ive been trying even though I could fail.
This afternoon like a little kid I sat down on my own with my box of chocolates after a walk with my girl and I watched the film that goes with it. Having been reminded by my friend only a couple of days ago of my belief in Disney, I watched my journey of the past few years in Zootopia. The excitable and enthusiastic bunny who didn’t quite fit but thought “you’re right, I never give up!!!!
Who found the most unlikely partner in that little Foxy friend full of chat and hustle and realised that behind all their differences, their misunderstandings, their disagreements and their individual and unique ways of living life they also had sooo much in common. They just wanted to try and live their dreams. Being more than they were told they could be when they were kids. And they helped each other.

I had learnt it already. I already saw it and felt it.
But to watch it play out in front of me like the beginning of something new and amazing, made me really smile and wish I could share it with them.
They gave me Lion. I will give them Zootropolis.
If ever I have moments when a whole load of stepping stones come together in a moment of “oh yeah!!!” This would be that moment.
I don’t think I was meant to watch it until now but if ever Disney resonated with me, Today would be that day.
Sometimes you have to hustle a little to do some good. And it’s good to have a friend who I can hustle with.

Oh and as a huge fan of gangster movies like The Godfather  and Goodfellas, I never laughed so much at seeing  “Mr Big” Vito Corleone style. Disney at its beautiful best!


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