Don’t hold your breath

Swimming is rocking my world.

I LOVE IT!!! Always have.
Body mind and spirit.
It is also providing an interesting place of observation.
So many different types that is making it a little microbubble in a bigger bubble.
Tonight as I was swimming I noticed a Muslim couple in the slow lane. He was helping her to learn to swim. They looked so in love as he patiently tried to help her. As I swam back the other way she walked across to me and said “you’re such a good swimmer. I’ve been trying to learn by watching you”
Aaahhh that’s so nice .. I think I’m more at home in the water than I am on land .. I’m quite clumsy but in the water I feel like a graceful and happy dolphin, I stopped to try and help her find an easier way to swim. A mixture of breast stroke arms and front crawl legs. Stay low in the water as it will help you float.
She carried on trying with her boyfriend . They looked so happy it made me feel happy.
Obviously there was a selection of testosterone fuelled men with bulging muscles, abs and tattoos. Actually on scanning round the whole pool I noticed there were distinctly more men than women. They were everywhere .. everywhere except in the pool actually. In the steam room and sauna, in those 3 jacuzzi pools (I haven’t worked out what the differences are yet) and casually stood (posed) at the bar overlooking the pool. I chuckled to myself in the battle of the biggest muscles. Almost like a rehearsal for when they have a pint in hand. Perhaps they train Sunday to Thursday in readiness to be let loose on a Friday and Saturday to all those men and women who are turned on by a bulging bicep.
Never really been my type but I found them amusing to watch as I swam.
There were a few older women in the middle lane following a strict schedule of front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke. I think they provide special fitness schedules to follow but I like just swimming up and down to my own pace. Obviously swimming helps me just to switch off while I judge the biggest muscles competition.
Weirdly there were no young women in there. Perhaps because it was Sunday early evening and they were getting ready to go out. Although I didn’t see any in the pool on the other days either.
But when I was taken on a tour of the facilities they were overflowing in the gym all looking like perfection in their cute outfits, perfect hair and make up and and without a drop of sweat falling from their brows.
Jealous? Totally! They looked amazing as I passed by in my beanie.  Feeling my age? .. actually I never even looked like that back then. I would have to be going out for the night to look so well turned out and groomed. More of a jeans and T-shirt girl now and then. Changed but unchanged.
My girl I know would feel the intimidation of having to look so good whilst at a gym. I however could not give a shit. I’m only looking to ride a bike.
What I ove about this gym is that I feel super relaxed there. There’s just a really nice down to earth vibe and people are so friendly.
Having met my friend M earlier in the day for a long walk and chat in the forest I can’t help but feel good and happy and also very cheekily cheerful in my pursuit of health and wellbeing.
Are you proud L?
Maybe this year we will succeed in making me a more sensible and well balanced girl…although I wouldn’t hold your breath under water for too long 😊

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