Rise and Shine

Back on it!!!
I feel like a clockwork mouse. I need to be wound back up to get back to work.
I’ve been so happy just dilly dallying about.
How happy we would all be if we never had to work, had enough money to get by and do the things we wanted and feel as free as a bird.
The sun looks pretty amazing just rinsing up over the rooftops. Just showing its little smile with its hat on. That feels like a good start. I’ll take that as my inspiration for today as I sit and do all the boring tasks that will present themselves.
I’d like to be an astronaut blasting into space looking for the wonders of the universe, or be the greatest dancerr twirling across a stage like I own it and noones watching or an explorer in far away unseen places full of magical and unseen characters or a secret agent lost in a world called love where the mission is to make other people smile, or or or…
That’s the beauty of dreaming.
It’s like being a kid sitting in an empty room with no toys. If you imagine hard enough anything is possible 😊🌈

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