Money money money

Money money money!
Tonight having skipped along happily all day, when P came home,  I felt the pressure of earning more.
Having returned to a routine where I am less available I can already see the signs of P going down.
He looks tired again.
He is beating himself up about the money. Talking about what we could be doing and what we can’t.
There’s no point. It’s done. What is done is done. This is how it looks and we have to make the best of what that is. And I am.
I have accepted that and am trying my best to turn things around.
It will take time. But in the meantime there are so many joys in life, so many things to make you smile and happy and they don’t cost a penny.
“Don’t give up. We will find a way. I promise”
The challenges begin!
To keep us both up. But I feel strong. Really strong. I will fight for it and keep fighting to help him to keep fighting too.
I can’t be there all the time. I have to work and I need to take some care of myself as I go along, but I am in it and I will give it everything I have.

2 thoughts on “Money money money

  1. You got this you are in my prayers.. And you have more strength than you know love gives you power and strength!!


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