Love ❤️

What the most beautiful day yet again in London. Perfect sunshine on a cold and frosty day. And yet how those skies may look so differently to two very dear friends of mine.
One whose birthday it is today and I think of as I am wishing it to be celebrated in a way that  they deserve, surrounded by love and happiness and fun and all the wonderful things we all so dream  of in this life.
Turn up the volume of that happiness and feel its magic.
For another, yet another devastating event in their families life. Crushing a family who already feels crushed under the weight of events over the last year. I can feel their shock and pain from miles away. The heartbreak and devastation that comes through the battles that have engulfed them and all fuelled by that very same love I wish for another.
The joys and the heartbreaks in life and death.
Love has a lot to answer for and yet that very thing is what makes life so very wonderful and the pain so worth it, even in loss.
If ever in my life I had a new perspective on both it is through the work I do, the wonderful people who surround me, the experiences I have had, alongside the experiences of others.
I would never change my heart. I would never swap it for a lesser version. It is everything in fact all that is really required.
When I talk of my craziness in living each day like it is an opportunity of a lifetime, in moments like this I am reminded that I am not so crazy.
Every moment is precious, as is every single person I love and my feeling in treating them in a  way where they know how special they are is completely on the money.
When the moments of devastation come I will hold onto those moments. The tiny moments will be remembered. I will feel glad that I try to live my life with the utmost respect for the privilege in the fragility of what life is.
My love goes out to both these people in different ways today. To say that you are special. You are important to me. You make this world, my world more wonderful in just your very existence and I am somewhere out in the world thinking of you. ❤️

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