Thankyou and take care

Thankyou and take care

Four words that closed that book in a way that made me happy.
To leave things behind I always need a decent ending.
I had no reason to contact a person that I had no reason to contact until yesterday.
Of course the way I was brought up and what feels right to me kicked in and thanking the people involved in my good fortune was an absolute must. For one it was simple. She is my friend. She has always been completely lovely to me. Looking out for me, helping me, championing me and showing care in the way I would for her. She will always be my friend.
For the other it felt more of a formality of good manners. I can’t fake friendship. She is someone i am happy to leave in my past. I have no ill feelings but just no reason or wish to stay in contact.
But that opportunity to say Thankyou also gave me a chance to wish her and her family well and happy. I do of course wish that. Whole heartedly.
Not everyone will be your friend and thats ok. But I certainly don’t wish to carry any negative feelings or leave her with any either.
Im leaving all the sadness I felt in the past so that I can feel happy in remembering all the parts that were magic. There were many.
Those few who remain in my present are held in what is “now”rather than “then”. They are my friends beyond that experience.

So in sharing those few words of gratitude and good wishes and hoping they will be received in the kindness they are intended, I am finally able to completely close that book which  feels really good.


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