It’s all about you today L ❤️

This post is dedicated to you!
I have a friend who is truly beautiful.
Her name is L.
This sunny morning is dedicated to you. Isn’t the sunshine gorgeous.
It has made me think of you. I walked down the street towards the tube thinking of you.
You will be in my mind all day today.
Let me tell you a little about this girl.
She is teeny tiny with red hair and pale skin. Green is her colour. She looks beautiful in it. She has her own sense of style and it suits her.
She beavers away in life quietly with no fuss. Silently getting on with things with no complaints. But stuff gets on her nerves, makes her sad. Sometimes I think she feels very alone . And I’m guessing wondering whether anyone notices or cares what is happening in her world. I do. I absolutely do. Because I know she cares. About all the people she loves.
What a thankless task that is right?!
As she beavers away does anyone see how much she cares. I do. I absolutely do.
She is one of only three people who I know who have access to my blog. And religiously she reads my posts. I always feel heard by her. Do you know how much that means to me?  Thankyou!
So who is this girl? She has been one of my closest friends for a long time. We have shared all sorts of wonderful, crazy, difficult, fun, silly amazing experiences.
Probably the most thoughtful person I know. she is creative and dryly funny and clever. She gives everything her all. Nothing half hearted about her. When she does things it is always with precision and details. conscientious in everything.
When I think of how she expresses love I see it at its most visible in her gifts. They have such a personal and thoughtful magic to them. A t shirt with red shoes, a stone I carry for love, a pen to remind me of my Laurelliaga angels. All lovingly gift wrapped giving you a little piece of perfect that will make you smile and feel special.
What it actually says to me is just how special she is. Because she gives that out even when she doesn’t get that back. How disappointing it must feel sometimes although I feel her expectations in others has been lowered in order to avoid that disappointment.
She likes to do nice things. Have fun.
We had a period where we went out a lot a few years back. What a magic time that was. So many fun and golden memories in there.
Golden times as we call them where fun was all over it. We had more time. I had more time. I need to make more of that time.
Because when she is around life feels all the more wonderful. She probably doesn’t even realise what she brings to the world/my world.
I love seeing her after a couple of drinks when she becomes a giggly girl and says random lines that make me and M laugh. Her little carefree girl shining out.
One of the people of this world who deserves to be treasured and loved by someone wonderful. I always think she is too special for just any Tom Dick or Harry. The world is full of a lot of them but she is so much more. A more that she is so unaware of but is so clearly seen by me and others who are lucky enough to know her and call her a friend.
The little voice of reason who can give you a kick up the arse but show you so much love and compassion.
Given the chance and the freedom she could create a landscape of such beauty with her paints.
It’s all in the details with her and so I’m sharing this detail with you today L.
You are loved more than you know. I feel truly lucky that I met you and you are my friend. Even when I am caught up in life you are always in my thought at least once every single day. But for today you will be in my thought for the entire day for no other reason than because I love you.
What tune shall I pick I thought? Too many to choose from. Jared perhaps! Not today I thought. Let’s take you to back to Ibiza. A moment when you felt the happiest and most carefree. That’s what I wish for you today my sweet L. Because today is all about you! ❤️

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