Light and Dark

I am a girl who has to feel it. I have to feel it all.
Even the sadness.
As I walked down the road this morning seeing the sun glistening in the sky it reminded me that I am alive in this word of light and darkness.
Sometimes I have to feel that darkness. To sit right in the middle of it and not be able to see beyond it, but not feel scared in it. To know that for light to exist there has to be darkness.
To know, that as I sit in that darkness, I always have the strength to rise from it.
Yesterday was J”s birthday. I thought of her a lot knowing she was with my girl, inspiring her to keep going.
Inspiration in remembering j’s greatest strength being completely visible in her moment of absolute vulnerability.
My girl came hone at 6 o’clock, exhausted but knowing she had done herself proud. That she didn’t take the easy path. She took the path that required her to dig a little deeper and reach a little higher. To show herself and others what she is made of.
To say I was bursting with pride as she fell asleep on the settee feels too small.
The girl who grows into the woman everyday. who defies what this world expects of her. As she is sold all those versions of the strong independent woman. A woman who can do everything a man can. She’s not interested in being that.
She is a woman who knows that she is a woman and owns it. Realising that In being a woman in all her understated strength and power she has the ability to be whatever whoever she wants to be.
Don’t mistake vulnerability as a weakness. It is where all our strength comes from.
To feel is the greatest strength there is. It is the difference in being alive or just existing.
We fear it because we can’t control it. It will hurt us for sure but it will also make us feel very free and alive. Free from that fear that says we are less than we are.
And in feeling her push through her fears yesterday it left me this morning rising from darkness feeling like this.
I feel very powerful today in all my gentleness and vulnerability.

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