Forever Forever

What a very beautiful life I had today….
I felt it as I watched a movie with my girl tonight.
I randomly referred to pancakes this morning to someone who lights up my world anytime they come into my orbit.
They make me smile like it’s the first time I ever smiled. That sounds so silly doesn’t it. Like a grown up little girl who should know better but doesn’t care.
I dare to not care.
As I switched tubes a moment later  I found myself sitting across from a man eating pancakes.
I mean if I had been talking about apples, or woolly hats or umbrellas, It wouldn’t feel like a stretch to see in another carriage on another train on a journey I take every Thursday.
But pancakes .. on a tube train .. being covered in treacle…
I mean come on!!! 😊
A “Forever Forever” moment if ever I felt one that left me feeling alive all day long.


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