As I walked home last night I felt so very fluffy, dreamy, warm, and happy.
Full of chat in my head that could have kept me up talking all night.
Despite all the sad things of other people’s lives that have surrounded me over the past couple of weeks I have been reminded many times of how incredibly lucky I am.
Not just in what I have and who I am, but more especially in those that have meaning in my world. These things that can often seem so unimportant to others, for me are in fact the differences in grabbing this life by the scruff of the neck and saying I’m gonna make it fucking amazing no matter what life throws my way.
Bring it on!
I worked my arse off to get to this point. I dug to my very deepest depths to find my way back to this place.
A place that is constantly moving forward despite the tired wobbles that might make me pause for a moment and catch my breath. Those wobbles only ever make me rise even higher.
Because I’m living a life where I make the choices. Trying always to be a person I can feel proud of, but also not giving a shit about what someone else might think about that. I know what sits behind my choices and that’s what counts.
But I am lucky to have those special few friends that know that, and being a part of each other’s lives gives it more meaning.
Spending last night for L’s birthday was completely wonderful. My two angels that I met about ten years ago now but who are the best girlfriends I have ever had in my life. They mean so much to me.
We are all so different and yet we share something so beautiful together. It makes my little heart sing!!!
They make me laugh so much. Our conversations as we were sharing our little platters of Thai loveliness had us laughing at our own jokes in our own comedy sketch. I’m not sure anything is out of bounds and I love that. I was glad me and M rebelled against L’s wishes for no cake and not opening her presents in the restaurant.
You’re special L. Let the whole wide world know it. She hated it I’m sure, but she knows that we love her, so she forgave us anyways.
I love the easiness of being with two friends who I have history with but who also roll along parallel to me in our own very different lives.
Those different occasions we share are always something to look forward to. Always time well spent in company that is genuine, caring, mischievous and fun.
As we drank our cocktails in the randomness of The Rusty Bike we were able to share who we are individually in a familiar place of our beginnings if with a different name.
It is a friendship that has been a constant through all of our ten years worth of highs and lows.
And there is a shared view of how lucky we are in that.
I heard they are bringing back those central perk friends for a one off unscripted moment and I caught an old episode of sex and the city, the other night.
But we have our own very real and special version of what that looks like.
We like to call it Boom!!!💥💥💥

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