For my mum

This morning as I look at that most beautiful sky I am thinking about my mum.

Our parents and grandparents who are feeling the fear and who we fear for.

I could feel my mum scared like a little girl as I spoke to her yesterday. Fearing what might happen. The most irrational I ever heard her and wanting to tell me how much she loves and cherishes me.

If I protect the gentle girl who is the heart and soul of who I am, then for her I will reveal it for a moment in how much I love the people that I love. How they might not ever know the strength of what that love is but it is felt with  every breath I take in life.

This song is for everyone with loved ones who they wish to protect, all the people who I love and care about whether they are near or far but most specifically this morning for my beautiful and sweet and kind and magical mum who feels so scared but who loves Andrea Bocelli

You are never alone. My heart and Soul is always always with you ❤️



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