The Concussed Ibiza Way

I’m starting to wonder if I am still concussed from my trip to Ibiza back in September.

If not, my learning comes in the strangest of ways.

It’s a script you just can’t make up. Arriving in a monsoon and finding ourselves running across slippery tiles knee deep in water by the hotel pool. My friend grabbing my arm as she fell, and taking me down with her. She hurt her arm but as I fell backwards, I cracked my head on the tiles hidden under the water. I was completely knocked out.
My memory in coughing up water as my friend pulled me out. Some vague recollection of her getting me to the room and finding myself waking up in the room not knowing where the hell I was. Apparently I had been sick several times and falling in and out of consciousness while my friend kept watch on me to make sure I was still alive.
Should have gone to the hospital really but boozy said “ I thought we r only here for 36 hours. I didn’t want to mess up our trip.
I spent the next 36  hours drinking vodka and dancing like a crazy who didn’t know where the hell she was.
Memorable… actually not .. I don’t remember very much about it at all other than i looked very happy In all the video footage. It would only happen with my mate boozy.
It takes more than knocking yourself out and being concussed to stop her party.

When I put my foot back on the plane and finally had some awareness of where I was I remember saying..
“Nothing can get more crazy than that. Next year is going to be smooth sailing”

And her replying “same thing next year babe?”

Famous last drunken words as I find myself living in a whole world that has gone crazy.
And thinking maybe I need to drink vodka and dance through the whole thing in perfect oblivion.

Societies that are going into lock down. My friend S who lives in Milan said to me, “I feel like someone is going to tell me it’s all a joke as I walk round and round my garden so I don’t catch cabin fever as I watch armed police checking people’s certificates that provide permission to go to the shops.

I had my first day at home today with no IT equipment that works and having to immediately take myself back out of isolation tomorrow so that I can sort that out.
I’ve ended up spending the day making savings on all the direct debits I can no longer afford as my income doesn’t cover them because there is no work for P now he has recovered.
Costing more to rent the cab than passengers out there to pick up.
The promise of the 3 month mortgage holiday that provided me with a momentary sigh of relief was short lived when I rang my mortgage provider, Barclays Bank who apparently haven’t made a decision on this yet. Sorry! Who is in charge .. the government or the banks. Or do they only work in unison when the government is bailing them out with tax payers money.

You can only but laugh in the chaos that ensues whilst my jobs worth boss is constantly whats apping me to see how I’m progressing.

Yep haven’t done a thing mate or as I replied “just getting what I can done”😂
Give me something useful to do that helps others.

Getting ready for my skype meeting at 4 to talk about the plan that no one has which will also be attended by my family wandering through the flat in the background.

Forget bog rolls I’m doing a run on the offy and buying in all the vodka. If we are to survive this thing I believe we may need music to dance to and a whole lot of booze.

Its the Concussed Ibiza Way!

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