The inspiration of cricket

When I woke up this morning and saw the sun shining the first thing I thought was “cricket”
How bizarre is that.
Well not completely bizarre actually as I got an email a couple of days ago about someone following my blog. They may find themselves unfollowing me with my distinct lack of incredible, death defying, awe inspiring, self isolation stories but they did however leave me inspired when I checked out their blog.
I was greeted by a love and passion for cricket. I love reading about what people love. Cricket is something I know very little about but as I read it I was left remembering my older brother watching it through gorgeous sunny summers. Those holidays that felt like were full of sunshine even though it probably rained most days and seemed to go on forever. They were filled with not that much really other than hanging about entertaining yourself with no money and no fantastical trips or days out. Nothing but an imagination in tow. When my brother used to surface from the cricket back into the garden he would bully me into being the bowler to his Ian Botham. I’m the greatest all rounder he would say. I just wanted to make daisy chains but I would humour him for a while as I bowled to him like it looked on the tele and he would hit the ball just slightly in front of him and then run back and forth. When I started to moan I was bored be would tell me i couldn’t leave until the end of the over. “Oh ok” I would say, not realising an over consists of 6 balls and I’d be there for another half hour.
Bloody brothers!
I found myself wondering what this fellow blogger might write about if there is no cricket for a while.

I know most of the men I know are struggling without any sport. What the hell will they chat about everyday…feelings!!!😂
Fortunately there is a lifetimes archive of football, racing, cricket to continue with life in a way that makes some sense. I mean I’ve heard enough times about the 1990 something cup final where in the 95th minute blah blah put in the greatest cross of all time and that’s how we won the cup.. just streamline historic sport for 6 months and I will be able to happily continue living in my world unhampered.

Anyways,  I found myself with a new fascination in cricket and looking up what test cricket is. Apparently it is the highest standard of cricket and played over a period of time.. normally 5 days.

“It is generally considered the most complete examination of a team’s endurance and ability”

Endurance and ability in a team. I’m in need of a little of that.
P felt pissed off with the lack of support given for those who are self employed. While others will see their jobs retained with continued salary payments which I imagine left them breathing a sigh of relief…Thank goodness!!! in my boat I have a passenger who feels like he is falling through the cracks. And that feeling of no support for his livelihood and for others I know also means no support for me either. The responsibility of trying to do it all by myself ramped up a little more. But I don’t want to feel P ‘s frustration and make it mine.
I want to to retain a sense of optimism and hope for all of us. I believe in me. I carried us through that previous challenge and kept our home so I can do it again.
But I just need P to be like a bowler that has to bat. I’m happy to try and get the runs required but I need him to keep his head up and stay in the game. Yes it’s tough, not just for us but for so many  people, but if we keep pushing on one run at a time we can still win the test.
You’re still in it until you’re out.
Just ask Ben Stokes and Jack Leach!


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