A wish for the many

I feel like I have to apologise in advance for this post. If you are looking for fluffy motivational words of encouragement then I would recommend not reading on.

If you wonder what the opposite might look like then feel free to continue.

They called Abraham Lincoln The Great Emancipator.
As I was sitting reading a book about him that I was given last Christmas, my friend sent me this song. His timing was on the money.

I have huge fascination for Lincoln. Not least because his quotes always leave me very inspired. I think he would be my imaginary guest at McDonald’s. I have so so many things I would like to ask him.

I feel lucky. So very lucky right now that I have worked out how to stretch my salary to muddle through this period by stripping everything to its most basic. What if neither of us had a job where we could work from home. My money will continue to come in. At least for now. There are people out there that over time may lose absolutely everything.

So I find myself struggling in connecting to others who have never had to struggle and are constantly sharing on a group in feeling down, in losing their freedoms.
It was the last straw for me this morning when I opened the group to see someone telling me how He has discovered the beauty of the sky, seen the clouds and the birds, and was appreciating the simple things of life. And telling us to all do the same.
I removed myself instantly. Condescending twat. All these people that have spent half their lives missing it and now preaching to the rest of us who have been quietly living that way their whole lives.
And added to that judging “those people” in the decisions they are making.
Yes there is a lot of selfishness going on. But all these people who sit in their Ivory towers going on about others selfishness in stockpiling food.
You have to be kidding me right! We live in a society that is made of stockpiling its wealth.
We’ve been living like that for as long as I can remember without giving a shit about others.
We vote for the things we deem as having value,  based on that very notion.
But of course we are all now affected by something that has the ability to see all of our lives come crashing down. Creating a sudden rush to all “come together”
Where were these groups before. There are so many sectors of society that have been really struggling for a long time.
All the times I’ve had to listen to people whittering on about the effects that brexit might have on their lives.
Take that! A virus that doesn’t give a shit if you voted in or you voted out. It’s gonna fuck with your life either way.
So while you are giving each other motivational words on your groups about how you will make it through this nightmare together, holding hands and congratulating each other on being the sweetest and nicest people in the world who are realising the wonder of the simple pleasures of life… there are others who are just getting on with it. Because that is how they always live life. With the added pressures of losing their low paid and insecure jobs, holding on to their shitty accommodation knowing there’s not much prospects even after the virus has gone away.
Because we created this society full of inequalities, where diversity and inclusivity are just buzz words that shouldn’t be required as it should just be a given. A society that provides a good life for the few rather than the many, is something that existed long before this virus ever came along.
Why? Because we didn’t want to pay more taxes.
Placing more value on big houses, flash motors, trips around the world and designer clobber than putting our money where our mouths are, into services for the many.
Shouting out thanks and admiration for hospital workers even though we have known for years how under funded and how underpaid our nurses are. Just accepting that is how it is.
Choosing private health for the few and underfunded NHS for the rest, private schools for the few and underfunded schools for the many.
Valuing people that make money and entertain than nurses and care workers who take care of the people we love.

I wasn’t so much angry with the “condescending twat” on yet another very beautiful day. I’m sure he is actually a lovely fella, as I’m sure are the other people in that group. Im more angry that it has taken a globe trotting virus to wake people up and yet still have no awareness of the role we have all played in this.
Will we ever learn? When this is over will these same happy clappy motivational groups disband and carry on in their own lives feeling pleased with themselves in how marvellously they conducted themselves during this crisis.
I hope that we don’t lose our loved ones even though I know it will happen. But in their losses I hope it makes us turn this world upside down and start taking care of everyone. Where it is no longer a common sight to walk past lots of homeless people on the way to work, that we don’t have children who can’t enjoy being a child because they are the carers, where we only create hope and prospects for the few instead of investing in the root of that.. Education. The best education for all our children. Inspiring them to use all their different talents and gifts. They all have them. Every single one. And as people cried about the cancellation of exams, I cheered (despite my girl being a part of that)  in the fact that this system that has remained largely unchanged despite walking on the moon, machines that can breathe for you and a World Wide Web that connects us all together. Such laziness in how we might inspire and instil creativity and imagination in our kids. Perhaps they might find a little during these months.

I love being a human. I don’t want to feel so disconnected from the many. I live my life wanting to connect to others.  perhaps I just need to air my anger rather than being fluffy and motivational so that I can reconnect with the care and compassion that sits at my heart and soul without feeling this frustration in others lack of awareness. I’m totally feeling my shortcomings while this plays out. Feeling like I want and need to try harder for others.

Knowing that this thing has to change us. If we are to lose our loved ones it has to be for something. That their losses will be poppies of a new and kinder and more caring way of living. But words are not enough. We have to be prepared to put our money where our mouths are.
And that means reevaluating where value and worth sits.
For me it is in every individual person having a safe and happy existence in life where they can aim to be the best they can be. Reaching for their potential.
Eutopian dream it may be right now..  but we have to start somewhere and perhaps that means starting completely from scratch knowing that we all have a part to play in it and we all have to pay for it.

Thankyou for the tune my dear and beautiful friend. Your timing as always was like you were connected to what was on my mind and the smile you sent me created mine.

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next”

Abraham Lincoln



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