Sunshine on a common bird

As I started a new day 2 people I love Sent me sone sunshine…

Today I attended 2 meetings from my garden sitting on a lounger in the sunshine.

As the meeting started I was asked if I could turn off the birds as they were distracting.

I only have a little garden which backs on to a cricket pitch. A hedge that runs along the back of all the flats but for sone reason, maybe because my garden sits right in the middle,  all the birds congregate here. And I love that. They are so beautifully noisy. A natural philharmonic for the mind and soul. These birds make me smile every morning as they wake me up and then interact with me as I drink my first cuppa on my swinging chair. Maybe Im a common bird who is suited to a flock.
While we self isolate they are socialising without a care in the world. In fact it seemed like there was a bit of a barney going on. Probably just family stuff, or a lovers tiff, or trouble with the kids or boys being boys or maybe they were having a meeting and a sparrow was asking if someone might turn off the monotonous hum of human waffle. It’s very boring.
Whatever their sweet song they had no care for my Skype meeting and frankly neither did I. Another hour of my life completely wasted.
I could tell from their chirping they were telling me the very same thing.
So I muted my mike, sat back in my lounger, closed my eyes, and attended the meeting with the greatest impact. I sure felt my worries drift away as the sun shone down on me, if only in that very perfect moment.
I may be a common bird but I know how to live a high life.



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