The gap between asleep and awake

A beautiful and kind lady of distinction once visited me the night she passed away, m the gap between life and death.
I saw her standing in a doorway of such bright light that I could not make her out. But it was her, I felt her, as tears rolled down my cheeks in a moment between asleep and awake. She said to me “is that you M?” and I knew it was her and I felt Peaceful and I fell asleep.
As I disappear inside a world of my own creation where anything is possible I felt lucky in a couple of people following me. Not too close that I’m not alone but near enough to touch me in moments.
It was feeling very dark as I entered but I was provided with some light by a pure white snow drop that was carried in the hands of a peaceful and caring dove. A snowdrop that seems so simple but has such exquisite and rare beauty that can’t be matched by other flowers. Only by taking the time to explore the roots of that quiet flower would you be lucky enough to find all the extraordinary beauty and magic that is contained within. Pure and simple and understated magnificence is where that flowers amazing powers live.
As I floated into a deep thinking whale who was singing me sad but reassuring lullabies i found myself cocooned in a place that feels safe and quiet where I can be whatever I wish to be. The possibilities feel endless. Taken down below the surface in a vast ocean that is hidden and full of a wonderful unknown. Possibilities that can’t be touched or felt where they are seen.
Sleeping in a place that I can’t be woken from unless I wish to be woken. As I start a secret mission to try and find a lost pearl that disappeared from its shell. It is somewhere out there in that wide ocean.
Swimming alongside a puppy called Monsieur Imaginamagique, that has the unique and super ability to swim under water too. Throwing a smile to the empty and securely closed shell lying alone on a beach waiting to one day be reunited with its treasure…

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