Fire Fairy Good Geezer

Every good story has a fairy godmother. In mine I have a Fire Fairy Good Geezer who showed up yesterday. Freedom, Ideals, Revolution and Equality is his motto. He does amazing work to make this world a better place. Love that! Fire fairy has it all going on and he knows what he is talking about.
The first time he appeared was outside a train station with his dreads leaking out under his beanie and holding a bucket load of cool fairy chat alongside a whole lot of smarts. And Just like all good fire fairies he showed up when I was in need of a little love and magic. He continues to show up randomly from time to time to make sure I’m ok. Yesterday being one of those moments.

A fire fairy that comes packed full of charm as all good geezers should.
The last time he appeared was on valentines days when he sent me “the cutest of hugs”.
He appears and vanishes leaving me with a smile and feeling like I’m a babe.
I imagine he is a very busy fairy indeed, he is certainly not shy and I imagine his work is never done but it’s a well known rule that Fire Fairy Good Geezers are not for keeps. They need their wands to do good work for the many and so random check ins are always welcomed but all I need.
But I always smile in that brief but magical moment when he appears throwing around some fire dust and a”hey baby girl, what’s happening?”


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