Monsieur Imaginamagique

I found Monsieur imaginamagique .. MIM for short on my swinging chair with pastry crumbs round his mouth.
Born in Cornwall and owned by an angry circus owner he was destined for a future as a tight rope walking Bichon Frise. What no one realised was that this was no ordinary Bichon Frise. Behind that performer was a puppy that was learning more than he was trained to be. Proficient in many languages including jibberish he used that language skill to read about a girl in a red coat who was also a tightrope walker and decided to use every means at his disposable to find her in London. Stowing himself in the back of a Cornish pasty. van he found himself in a delivery to Waitrose on a hill by the central line. In a twist of fate he came across a former acquaintance of the red coated girl on her one outing of exercise along her favourite bins. Remembering the red coat’s love of a dog with a Parisian accent, no teeth and a tongue hanging out he realised that it could only be Miss L…She explained that the world had gone into complete lockdown and he shouldn’t be on the streets bur she had the magic key to his destination.
As he explained his incredible journey to me and vowed to never eat another Cornish pasty in his whole life he promised to come with me on my journey to try and find my soul starting with an imaginary party full of imaginary people.
Something about this story feels a little crazy and yet for once it feels like it might not be me

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