A mini journey in life

Yesterday I was tasked with compiling information concerning the circle of control and influence.

And then my day took a turn in all that I could not control and I felt exhausted and sad in trying to control it.

I woke up this morning feeling philosophical.
Feeling like I have absolutely no control over this situation which feels completely unreal but real

And I thought about the very best part of who I am that I have no control over.
My heart.. the part of me that makes me feel completely alive when I open it up to everything and everyone.
When I think of the greatest moments of my life they all have crazy beautiful love attached.
I love who I love without any control. It is the perfect way to love.
Without question. Trusting in that feeling and not caring whether I should or I shouldn’t.
Because it’s Love. You can’t control that.
And When I feel it, it is because I bloody well do.

As I ate my toast I plugged into iTunes and was given this tune that I’ve never really listened to but it is by someone I love.

And as I listened I googled the nature of origins and was given this.

The Hidden Origins of Mankind

Like a mini journey of more in a moment of eating toast and drinking tea.

As I sat and wrote my thought for today this tune played in the background

and it felt beautiful.
And I felt less scared of what I can’t control.

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