Hungover on dreamy magic!

Last night I attended the best party ever. I left MIM at home as I transported myself into the clouds. I was feeling pretty magical.
If you want to try to understand this girl then you may need to wait behind me.

I found myself more excited about this party than if I had been invited to a post oscars orgy with Jamie Fox, Hugh Jackman, Jamie Dornan and Idris Elba.

Of course I took my crew with me. That crazy bunch that I have no control over but love seeing them all happy.
After sunbathing in the garden all day and having my shower,  MIM commented on how nice I looked.
Have to make an effort. Looking a little more sun kissed with naturally highlighted hair, freshly washed.
We all felt nervous. We haven’t been anywhere for a while, struggling at times to find a way into the clouds let alone party in them.
But I should not have worried. I was put at ease as I always am. But always with those little hidden butterflies that are so happy to secretly flutter inside.

I found myself laughing before I even arrived. It seemed as though my friends evenings were already a given on the back of a few rum punches. Total beautiful carnage. I loved their destiny.

Meanwhile I just wanted to chill and be happy on the rum punch I was given as the DJ ushered me on to the dance floor. Twirling away with no care in this world. Aware that these parties happen every week but feeling so lucky to be part of this one.  Watching him from a distance sipping his rum as he happily played those magical tunes and took sneaky little bites from that tasty chicken.
When he looked up and I caught the look in his smiling eyes all the others floated away. I’m not sure where they went but I found myself dreamily lost all night. In the vivid imagination that dreams are made that took me to all sorts of beautiful but supposedly off limit places. Limits that I no longer care about and kept going long after I stopped dancing. Felt in a way I wished them to be felt. Pretty fucking incredible. The imagination is a wonderful thing.
I woke this morning with a spring in my step ready for my walk when no one is around.
Hungover on dreamy magic!

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