As if by magic…

For once I don’t really have anything much that I want to say on this very beautiful and sunny day.
Most of which I spent in the forest in my tree house or lying in the garden, listening to tunes and daydreaming.
Just feeling mellow and happy.
That feels like a very lovely feeling to sit with when I’ve been trying so hard to mend myself. Every day feeling better.

Someone really special wondered how I find the tunes I share..
I don’t .. They find me… I think it In my head and they just appear. As if by magic.

Today I felt proud of who I am. A person who puts her heart out there and shows her love.
It often feels very scary showing thoughts feelings and experiences that might make me appear unlovable.
But I risk it because I always know that my heart is true and  I’m just trying my best.

And as I thought it, this found me ❤️

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