Who Cares?

Who Cares?

I was thinking about this yesterday as I watched the masses of people walk past me as I lay alone in my quiet little spot next to the main path. Near enough to hear people’s chatter, far enough away to adhere to those social distancing rules. Whose?
Other than the masks I have found myself feeling more normal in being removed from the world. The pressure to be part of it all removed as the rules dictate that I can’t. My loner can happily hide behind those rules and not have to appear to be doing anything exciting, incredible or life changing.

Social media always feels like lots of people shouting in a room but no one is really listening. I guess I’m part of that with my blog. Why do I publish it when I could keep it private. I guess it expels those thoughts from me so I can make new ones.
I’m just another voice amongst the many rambling on.
And as someone very rightly said to me, I do write it for myself. I don’t feel a need to tell anyone else what to do. Do what you want. Who cares?
I mean it. Who really cares? You can do whatever you want. Exactly as you please. No one cares unless they care. How do you know the difference?

My 100 percent beautifully individual friend K shared a speech for the 2020 grads by Oprah. It was uplifting and shared many of my thoughts about life and society which have been there way before any of this stuff kicked off. I loved hearing those thoughts from an influential who was sharing them with kids just starting out in life. Well they were relevant to anyone actually. What you gonna do? What difference are you going to make? Something else I lay and thought about.

But I also thought, when does a persons voice become one that people care about?
What made people listen to the likes of Lincoln and Gandhi. When I think of this world now in all its fake gloss. The uniformity of everything. Eroding away at all those things we know and love that have character, individuality and eccentricity.
Instead sold an image of success in the same. Lose the genuine beneath the facade are really the words those marketeers are saying.
I wonder how they would have marketed Lincoln and Gandhi? They don’t appear to ooze the sex appeal required in this modern age. I wonder whether they would have had the same impact now. What a crazy thought that is. Although I remember Nelson Mandela at one point surrounded by the spice girls.
“You know these are my heroes” he said as one of them shouted “wicked”
I find myself smiling as I type. The power of girl!

I thought about all the people I have met through life. How many of them have continued to walk through life with me. There for a moment and then see ya!!’
It’s why there is such a huge divide between what I class as acquaintances and what I class as friends.
Acquaintances come and go. They can be right there for a moment and then poof! they disappear.
But friends have real care wrapped all around them. They have an influence. They mean something. Their voice is heard above the many because it has something different to say. A genuineness that I love so much.

My favourite song to dance to as you know L. Putting it on loud this morning for all the people who I care about so much and make me feel the same.



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