Singing lullaby’s

What to do when I need a drop of feel good.

Spend an evening with my girl watching Disney. The sort of Disney that comes loaded with my guilty pleasure “The Rock”
Having offloaded all my feelings of cynical from yesterday that were just made from frustrations, tiredness and feeling powerless, I needed to kick myself up the arse.
I hate feeling like that. It just makes me sad.
And I feel like I’m better than feeling that way. It’s why I have to get rid of it as fast as possible.
It feels like poison.

Tonight after another long day of work I was given a moment of lovely in getting an evening by myself with my girl. The easing of the lockdown meant that P went round his mates and provided me with some much needed breathing space. To just spend a night of just me and my girl at home felt pretty wonderful actually. I could just be me. It feels hard work trying to be what Is required all the time. So I’m just very quiet most of the time.

She suggested a kids film called “The Game Plan” because she knows Dwayne Johnson just makes me smile and I like things that are feel good.
And it really was. We both proper loved it.
Ending the night feeling happy and wishing for more film nights together.

The truth is that I’m always trying but sometimes I feel like I’m running round in circles getting nowhere.

But tonight I am going off to sleep feeling happiness made from love. That’s where I belong. It’s nice to fall asleep singing lullaby’s.

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