Divide and Conquer

I have been writing so much. None of which is making it to my blog and all of it about current events. Feeling angry every time I write something. Knowing If I deviate from the popular thinking I will be labelled and flogged. Judgement passed in a second by those who shout ignorance.
We are all ignorant in what we don’t know about.

It makes me feel sick thinking of a man being held down with a knee on his neck and not being able to breathe. Like an animal.
I have found it hard to watch. Seeing it once was enough to cement it into my mind. How angry I feel that things like this happen and have happened for so long.
What is this world? Who are we? The most intelligent species? I question that often.
When I stop to think of the horrific injustices that are constantly happening in this world we live in, it often feels too much to bear.
If we dig deep in to the fabric of our societies we would find so many horrors that never make it into our consciousness and yet happen every single day while we get on with our lives. Where have those in charge been in solving the issues surrounding all those young black kids who die every day and we hear about in a muffled voice but never make it to the front page of our papers. Victims of the life they have been dealt and the lack of opportunities. Our media with their cynical smiles being given a gift in a time when the world stopped and once again allowing them to spin a story in whichever way they choose.

I have so many thoughts regarding those at the top of the ladder in positions of power and influence and those at the bottom who often end up fighting with each other. How sad that makes me.

How much It makes me want to rip the lid off this corrupt and one sided system that uses people as pawns in its game to always keep hold of its power.
When that pandemic hit the people in charge were completely clueless. They had absolutely no idea how to deal with it. Making it up as they went along.
These well paid and educated people having no control over any of it. Absolutely no plan. Yes it’s unprecedented but don’t leaders have sone contingency plan for all eventualities. Disaster plans? Obviously not. Thank god for the NHS who walked us through it.

Peoples frustration has been building and building and yet not quite getting to that point. And then an event that took place across the Atlantic and was felt across the world.
And yet here I sit this afternoon reading George Orwell’s 1984 knowing how scarily it represents the world we live in despite being written 70 years ago.

This uprising, this call again for change by the black community. The powers that be know exactly how to deal with this. They have many many years of practice and experience in swerving responsibility and action.
Years of absolutely no change reflect that. The haves and the have nots.
The have nots certainly not living amongst the power and influence.
Listen to the voices of our leaders. How many of them look or sound like you?

In Covid 19 we were united in our disbelief and confusion in how badly it was all handled. You could tell they were on the ropes with so many questions being asked of them and having nowhere to hide. The frustrations and anger growing and growing in an awareness of the absolute inequity in this country and this world.
Realising who the essential workers are.
And then suddenly they found a shield to hide behind. The one they have used for centuries and I watch playing out at it has in the past.
Seeing those in charge rush to show their solidarity and make minor concessions in things that weren’t in their minds before but suddenly become so very important to them. As though they had already thinking this way all along. They didn’t care. If they had then changes would have happened many years ago and none of this would be happening because George and others that care before him would still be alive.

So where to place the blame. Let’s throw the focus on those So called “uneducated and ignorant people”Those same people who are just pawns in this privileged system and are also let down. And who exactly has labelled them as uneducated and ignorant? And who cares about what their lives look like?
The cynic in me says that it pays to keep them as “ignorant” so they can always be the fall guy as the media whip up some racial tensions between the people so they fight amongst themselves. The far right parties cashing in on a moment like this in their search for power and preying on those who are scared and unheard. Making them feel like they will look after them. That they represent them. They don’t give a shit either. They have their own agendas of hate and power. Speaking for others as though they are reflective of their voices. I know their voices and they sound nothing like that.

It feels text book as those institutions government, media, marketing and business come together.. their common purpose to appease the angry and raging mob. But rather than throwing themselves in their own swords they will throw those disposables at the bottom to them. Leaving them to fight it out amongst themselves while they continue on in their privileged worlds.
To even dare to question that powerful machine will leave you open to be ripped apart.
You don’t stand a chance.

How I wish that one day all those people that fight with each other will come together, recognising the value and beauty in all their similarities and differences and demand better for each other.
Right now it feels like they play into the hands of all those with their own agendas. The extreme right wing rubbing their hands together at this gifted opportunity in playing on the fears of those who are struggling.
Those little insulting changes I keep seeing from people in those institutions who are only scared in protecting their own positions and covering their own arses than really making a difference.

Real change requires us to smash down what has existed forever and start all over again.
Something that reflects the voices of everyone not just that privileged few. Institutions that are made to give everyone opportunities. And when I say everyone I mean everyone. Not everyone except you.
Real change comes from the top and while all the same people sit up there in their ivory towers looking after themselves whilst those at the bottom fight amongst each other in their struggles we will never see the change we so desperately need.
And I so wish to see it.
How beautiful it would be to be able to come together to celebrate all of our differences rather than fight in them.
Divide and Conquer has been a method used for many years. And it appears it works.

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