Boom!!! Keeping it real

I’m off and running. Yesterday with my girl was the introduction I needed to reengage with the world beyond the forest.
Everything has to be in my own time in a way that suits me.
My Laurelliaga angels were the last people i saw before lockdown and the first people I saw today when everything officially reopened. Miss Dreamy McDreamo reunited with
Miss International Status and Miss Grand Prix.
Finally I surfaced into real life with real people with my very real friends.
Love them both. What a remedy for isolation. Real chat on important things surrounded by chuckles and light hearted frivolity. Interspersed by a few guest appearances from faces we know and haven’t seen for a while.

I have lived and worked round her for a long time so it stands to reason I’ll see people I know when I venture out on a day when everyone is venturing out. It has been easy to forget in amongst all that fake “we are in it together”, how nice it actually is where I live with so many different down to earth people.
That’s what I’ve missed. That sense of real and genuine and having a laugh.

Being able to share my new ambition of never working again. Needing to back that up with a win on either a. Postcode lottery, b. normal lottery
or c. Premium bonds bought with money saved from the mortgage holiday. Hoping for nice payout before I have to sell them to pay my bills in a couple of months.
Be lucky McDreamo!!!
And interwoven in that, mine and my girls daily entries to free online competitions and free trials of products.
Perhaps I might become a professional game show contestant. Is that a profession? It sounds like one to me.

I found out I wasn’t alone. We agreed it wasn’t a bad plan at all.
Laughing our little heads off as an antidote to all the crappy changes with work, the resulting ripple effect that is becoming a wave where kindness isn’t featuring quite as highly as all those pulse surveys suggest.
How are you feeling? No really how are you feeling?
Saying it twice doesn’t mean they care anymore than they did before. We all know it’s lip service. We aren’t as stupid as they seem to think we are.
We eventually said good bye to the birthday girl and L waited with me while I bought my pick n mix from the market stall. And then we parted company too. How we miss hugs.
I wandered back eating jelly babies and strawberry bon bons feeling like I want to see more of the people I love.
Making plans!!! Haven’t been able to do that for a while. A road trip in my car to M’s new place. With no sense of direction and a previous history of crazy car driving, L knows the risks in embarking on another adventure with me. Fuck it!
As I told her .. my mum once drove from Southend to Bromley and somehow found herself asking a policeman for directions on Tower Bridge.
It’s all part of the adventure I told her. How far does the A10 take you anyways?!
I’m the worst driver ever but I always manage to get there eventually.

I feel so lucky to have two such great friends that I can talk to and have a laugh with.
Saving our money In buying lunch, for more important expenses that are part of our real lives and for future fun trips we can take together when the time is right.

I’m finally back in the game and out in the world and feeling happy In just being me. Doing it my way with the people I love.

More of that please!

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