The day a page 3 bird made me smile 😊

On a sunny afternoon in North East London I ventured out with my girl.
The gentle breeze and the warm sun reminded me of doing this walk to the shops when my girl was little. I didn’t drive then so it was either walk bus train or tube.
I loved our gentle little strolls together as she used to chatter away and I would teach her catchphrases from various sitcoms and game shows from a time when I was a kid. It felt like basic training.
“It’s goodnight from me and goodnight from “… “HIM” she would shout.
“Nice to see you to see you?”… “NICE”
How happy we were 😊
She knew who Brucie was before she saw a single strictly .. she learnt French from Del Boy and Frank Spencer taught her to roller sKate. He was a favourite. I guess we know what we know and these were the happy little things we shared.

I haven’t wanted to go near the high street and wouldn’t have bothered walking round there if it hadn’t been for two reasons. I needed to get a birthday card for my special friend M and my girl was feeling down about her grandad and wanted to just stay in bed.
It felt like an impossible task to coax her out until by luck a delivery driver arrived with a package from quiz. As we tried things on like an episode of the generation game we laughed in the content not looking in real life like it did online.

“Let’s get out in the Sun for a walk” I said.

For a moment as we walked the world felt like it always had in a time gone by. Just me and my girl strolling to the shops in the sunshine laughing and talking about random stuff. Simple happy.

As we passed one of the many hairdressers in our high street I glanced across to three people and smiled at them. And then realised
one of them was the Queen of the Sun page 3 icon Samantha Fox.
I wanted to hug her for being there in that moment. (But of course we can’t touch). A woman who created a little sunshine on grey days with just one turn of a newspaper page. She put a smile on many a face during her reign, in a time when harmless frivolous fun was ok. Well it was to me. I’ve never been bothered by such things. Like kiss me quick hats.  The internet provides a very different version now.

On a day that began with me wishing to keep the dream alive, before taking a downturn in seeing the struggles of someone I love, I will remember the day the sun shone and a page 3 bird made me smile. You can’t make it up.

It touched me!

And you certainly can’t get that on the internet!

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