Letter from a Stranger

I read a letter yesterday from a stranger who started to follow my blog in a moment that I stopped writing it.
When I can’t find another single word to say. When I am so tired of being me and going round and round in circles.

As I looked to see who this person was that could be bothered to follow a shadow of who I am in all my emptyness I found
“A love letter to women”
It was as though it had been written especially for me.
Connecting the Red Coat to Her Secret World.
A post written in English when most of the others were (I think when I googled translation) written in Bengali?

How did her secret world even find me, followed by a few others . More people reading my blog in one day than in the entire time I have been writing. In a moment when I feel most alone in life as I try to make changes. Changes I am making in isolation. Struggling and feeling the pain in trying to find my way to an unknown place, that isn’t waiting for me with open arms or love, where I will have nothing much in my pockets, where I will be tired from all the trying to get there and where I will be just as alone.
Where I’m looking round for all the people that I was kind to, took interest in or helped, only to see that most of them have disappeared.
Holding on to the belief that my really special few will still be there with me when I get to the other side. The other side being a place of resolution and peace.
Where there is the possibility to build a life where I am allowed to be happy and free and loving. It feels such a mountain to climb all alone when I feel like I have run out of everything and have nothing left to say.

And then a few random strangers found me. And I found myself just for a moment wanting to write.

Just to say Thankyou! ❤️

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