Rise of the Hidden Woman

I posted this earlier and then removed it shortly after, when I realised that my rise was followed very closely by a little fall again in confidence. Slowly does it. But I decided to repost, as this morning I felt stronger which means I’m heading in the right direction and that feels worth noting..

Today I woke up not feeling small but with a quiet and gentle power surging through me.

To fall all the way back down to the very place I started, right down at the bottom where it was hard to see a way out and feeling exactly the same as in that time gone by, has required something bigger to get back up again.
I feel myself rising again.
But this time I’m rising like a woman with the same big heart of that girl.

People underestimate what they can’t see, don’t have and don’t understand.
I underestimated myself.

But the element of surprise is everything….

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