A random post today as something captured my attention. It happens sometimes when something or someone fascinates me.

Today I discovered Romain Gavras, a French/Greek filmmaker, as I lay on the settee listening to music. Initially I was led there purely by chance and randomness. But as I watched Gosh I felt it resonate with me on some level.

I couldn’t even tell you how, other than it was interesting and it created a reaction in me. It had something to say and it was being said in a way that made me sit up. The accompanying music kept me in there. Wondering what was their intended message versus my own take. I found myself investigating who he is, along with some other offerings of their work.

I think the word Gosh was exactly what filled my head as I watched Born Free and Stress.

I found myself not sure how I felt about the content other than it was certainly powerful. It appears that controversy tends to be a big part of his film making.

A part of me wishes I could unsee what I had seen. I’m not good with violence. But I’m also very real next to the dreamer. They sit side by side. They make the whole me. And as much as I love the fantasy of Disney I also love the grittiness of real. I think there is a purpose in both.

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