The Balance in Music and Love

I love opening up my world to things that interest me and resonate on some level. Having virtual debates with myself about what they mean to me.

After previously posting my thoughts on Music and Love, centred around beautiful things that had inspired me, I was left researching the people that created them. I often do that. Their origins and how they managed to have their voices heard feels important to me.
I was of course reminded what a very privileged world the arts is. Trying to find a way in is difficult indeed. I wonder how many kids from less privilege might find themselves in such a world of creativity.
Or perhaps creativity only exists in the upper echelons these days?!
Suddenly “all human beings” slightly lost its gloss as it suddenly didn’t feel quite so very equal anymore.
I do find myself often torn between the love of things that are beautiful and inspire me and questioning the validity of them when I see how often they come from the same world. A privileged world that exists inside an impenetrable forcefield with very few avenues for the average person.
Again a little put your money where your mouths are as I got a full run down of the educational status of the film maker and saw a job that was advertised within their media company for a social media person that required a knowledge and experience in the music industry. I wonder which kids will have access to the starting point to getting them on that ladder.
Real and dreamy are always colliding in my world and I’m glad.
Real keeps me grounded and makes me question everything.
All human beings.. what a completely beautiful concept that I absolutely love and whole heartedly believe in.
But I also need a little substance that sits behind it. A sense of “practice what you preach”
I found myself needing to search again for something a little less dreamy and a little more real.
I found this article about the arts in a place where I wondered again who inhabits that world and how easy it is to find your way in, and have your voice heard. But the article was the closest I could get to showing some balance!

And as for providing a similar musical vibe of peace and love and freedom but from a working class voice I of course went to a place that feels happy. ..

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