Remains of the new normal

Can someone tell me at what point we became a nation of five year olds?

Hands Face Space

Ive tried so hard to avoid writing about this virus but I’ve felt similar feelings way before the virus ever came along and just like the virus I’m trying to contain it.
Until today

Hands Face Soace

Has dumbing down become a world wide pandemic or is it just us? My gut feeling is that this is a very modern British nanny state thing. Why does everything seem to be delivered as if we are a nation of morons? Surely if you treat us that way eventually we will become so.
I guess those people who cleared the supermarkets out of bog rolls was a little indication of damage already done.
Do we really constantly need to be told in child form for every single thing we do. A step by step guide in how to perform basic tasks.
Have we and our children and grandchildren been molly coddled for so long that we have lost our ability to work it out for ourselves.

I don’t watch much tv but when I do I really notice how things often seem to be given in a more watered down version including documentaries and the news. It seems to be communicated in a way where we aren’t capable of being spoken to like grown ups. Im sure they would label it as accessible. I would call it condescending and patronising. As though the average person doesn’t have the intellectual capacity of those delivering it so they will give it to us in purée form so that it’s easier for us to digest.. Who made that judgement? Why do they believe that people can only handle a watered down version for children. Surely like all learning, if you are stretched you become capable of more.
Call me a skeptic but it feels like by making that judgement and withholding the full and unadulterated version of knowledge it continues to keep the power in the same place. Adults vs children. And of course being politely British we just comply until we don’t notice anymore or don’t know any better. It’s the funny thing about getting older. You start to see the before and after versions.
There are people who would tel me I’m imagining it. I’m not imagining. It feels plainly obvious when I’m getting questions right on university challenge or mastermind. I’m no genius, I didn’t go to university and noone would want me in their quiz team and yet whereas once it would have felt a stretch to even understand the question now I find myself wondering if perhaps I really am legally blonde.

Is it not enough to tell me that I need to wash my hands, wear a mask and keep my distance without me having to chant a little phrase so that it might seep into my thick skull.
How on Earth do I manage to remember my name, where I live and when I was born
Three facts that I am able to remember alongside a million others in my daily life without having it repeated to me as a phrase as though I am in the Mr Mioggi school of covid.
A little like our much loved chocolate bars and cakes that over time seem to get smaller and smaller, so apparently have our brains. We need to have our hands held through everything in order that we might understand things that are far too complex for us “little people with little minds”
Funny thing is that it appears these things are also too complicated for the people in charge who make rules that don’t make any sense, are unable to communicate with any real clarity, change their mind every five seconds and sometimes forget the little chants themselves. I’m remembering that nice scientific lady at the beginning in BoJo”s half hour who cocked up that NHS phrase they were told to repeat as many times as possible
I could see it in her clever scientific eyes. as she messed it up… “Why are they making me chant this shit” I imagine her thinking.

Did I also imagine that once upon a time we sent boys as young as 16 to war with guns but now in the war on corona we aren’t even capable of washing our hands properly.

Is the idea that if we are continually filled with fear and treated like babies that eventually we will behave like them and be completely and utterly reliant and needy on the powers that be so that we are crying out to be told what to do.
Times have changed I hear you say. The world isn’t like it was all those years ago.
And yet apparently we still aren’t seen as being as capable as those sitting up there in charge.

I have my own chant

Crazy Controlling Bullshit

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