Faith in Me

Today at work I received an email back from our head of systems in respect of my request for help.
“M you know I can never say no to you”.
Really! Why?
But I smiled in thinking that I had the smallest of influence on one of the busiest people in the place who elevated my request above all the other priorities and personally sorted it out based on the the fact that it was for ME 😊

I certainly don’t ever try to manipulate others with charm or blowing smoke up people’s arses. Really not my style.
But i do always try to be decent and nice to other people. I was told by my boss that I have a reputation all round the place for being kind, helpful and smiley. I help because it makes me happy not because I’m looking for something in return.
But when I think about it, on those rare occasions that I do actually ask for help it’s also very rare that I’m turned down. Which when I saw the message today feels really nice and I’m always grateful for.
I often think I’m stupid and naive because I care so much and that I’m invisible behind the sparkle and glamour of those confident and successful types that have people running round after them and eating out of the palms of their hands.
But maybe quietly I’m not quite as invisible as I might believe.

And if that is the case at work then maybe having something similar in my personal life should not feel like such a stretch as well.
I’ve often been told by other women that have lots of different men chasing after them at once, that it’s all about the bitch factor. Treat em mean and you will definitely keep em keen. And when I observe, it definitely seems to work.
But perhaps the type that are chasing after them will eventually be chasing after something new once they finally catch up, or in fact those women will be looking for someone new to do the chasing. Frankly I wouldn’t want to be chased or caught by one of those, or be a bitch. Feels like a very tedious and tiring game.

So I think I will continue as I am, trying to be decent and kind knowing that although I don’t need anything in return it sure is nice to feel appreciated and important sometimes.
And I have faith that it is totally possible with the right person.
Who wants to waste time playing games when there are things that are so much more pleasurable to do.

Perhaps I just need to become a little more aware without being told . Although I do realise that I am often pretty oblivious in some of the games people play.

Hit it Stevie!!! 😊

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