Walking the Line

Today is my first day back in the office in 6 months. Hanging out in Borough for one day only. I’m excited. And it feels like a red dress moment. In keeping with the season and as a nod to the beautiful Red Poppy.

If I’m going to make a trip into my beautiful London Town then you will certainly see me coming.

And I believe it may rain too for a little added London romance so I will be sure to take my very Parisian umbrella with me for a touch of added glamour.

I’m feeling very free right now.
It’s a wonderful feeling. It feels light and playful with an under current of passion and desire.
This season has always been my favourite. It creates a different kind of energy in me that comes to life during these months. Perhaps I love it because I am an Autumn baby, and unconsciously the first thing I remember seeing in life were those deeply rich and warm colours that surrounded me in the trees as I was pushed in my stroller. Or perhaps I like the fact that it is the hidden and mysterious season. That despite its quiet and unassuming appearance all is not as it seems. It holds so much more. There is electricity and magic that hangs in the air. Can you feel it?
To walk under the trees in this season is like being taken to another world. For me anything that holds potential ignites a deeply felt passion in me. If it’s obvious and in my face then just like the other seasons, I know exactly what I’m getting and although wholly enjoyable, they just don’t provide that extra special something that I always look for. Dreamy Imagination and fearless adventure are the sparks that ignite my fire.

Im feeling all of that inside me again. The girl next door that most of the world sees. But I am more than her if you take the time to look a little closer as I skip along that line. The line of past and future. The line of light and dark. The line of should and could. The line of change.
Right now I’m feeling an excitement in the unknown and the possibilities that come with a sense of freedom. Fooling around on that line in a carefree manner.
It’s like enjoying the moments before orgasm.
There’s no rush. It’s all about taking your time and enjoying every touch and feeling. The anticipation in waiting creating the excitement of what is happening in this moment and the imagination of a moment to come. I feel like I’m always going to get there but it’s all in the how. And the how holds many more pleasures when I’m uninhibited and free.

Even corona virus is unable to contain me now, no matter how many restrictions are put in place. Because this fire lives inside me. I can take myself anywhere that I wish to go. I was able to control it in order to meet all my responsibilities. Of that I am so proud. But this fire is now free to burn however it wishes.
If you wish to control me then I’m not a girl for you. Im so much more if you leave me to run free. I will always find my way back because I’ll want to share it with you. It’s only if I feel imprisoned that I wish to escape.

Right now I’m just hanging out and enjoying this moment of unknown and possibilities. Time maybe ticking but I don’t need to get anywhere. I can be right here in this moment without a thought for the future.
And in a moment where the future is uncertain and having a plan feels like a waste of time, just enjoying all of life’s pleasures right now, today, feels like a perfect place for me to finally be.

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