The Shape of Life this Autumn

My friend L messaged me today and said she kept smiling looking at the heart shaped balloon I gave her yesterday. That made me smile.
She and M are two of the loves of my life . Anytime I spend with them is magic. I could not wish to have two more wonderful girlfriends.
And I can’t tell them that after I’ve gone. Everything for me is right now. Share with those I love. Look after those I care about.

While I feel my fire inside I’m all about water. Always drawn to its freedom.
It’s been a real feature of today.

And tonight I chose romance in The Shape of Water.

A love story of the most fantastical variety. Does love come in any other form?!
I felt my soul soar.
Laugh if you wish at my innocence and naivety, at my hopeful and dreaminess and at my imagination and fantasy.

On this occasion I am the one laughing.
Love exists.
I know it because it lives right here inside me and I am feeling it in all it’s beautiful and uncontrollable power.
And it feels really good.
Apparently life is a shipwreck of our plans. Only I have no plan and I don’t need one. I’m just going with the flow. 😊❤️

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