What it’s like to be Alive

Birthdays.. they can’t help but make me look back especially if like today they belong to my girl.
19 years!
The world never was so beautiful as 19 years ago when she arrived.
Like the most beautiful dream come true.
Love for a child is like no other. It is different. It cannot be compared with any other type of love. Its complete.
Who knew 19 years ago that she would become the most beautiful young woman this world has ever known 😊
I knew!!!!
From the moment our eyes met.. Actually no… I knew even before that as she fidgeted about inside me and kicked me like she was flexing those dancing feet.
Today is the first birthday when Im not with her. She is out there in the world living her life.
I know I want to hug her but I can’t. I know she wants to hug me but she can’t.

But I also know that she is really happy in the world and that she feels sooooo loved.
And that is more important to me than anything else.
To be happy and feel loved. It doesn’t get any better than that.
I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary.
It’s all that counts in wishing it for another.
That’s real love.

She is popping back for a few days next week. A chance for me to spoil her with love and treats and her to spoil me with a decent dinner that doesn’t come out of a freezer packet.
Now there’s a match made in heaven.
We are opposites in so many different ways, but in the important stuff we are the same..
we know how to feel and show love.
And that is what always keeps us close no matter how far away we are.

I found this today. I really liked it.
I feel something at the moment that I’m struggling to describe, but this felt like a tiny piece of it.

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