The Cynical Christmas Crib

After having the most wonderful day and night before lockdown with people who are really special to me, who I love so much and provide a whole lot of magic to my life, I found myself waking up with a delayed hangover at the end of the first day of lockdown.
After enjoying another beautiful day of sunshine where I carried all the wonderful feelings that had been left me with me from the previous day and night, feeling “How lucky am I” I then of course made the fatal mistake of letting in a world I tend to avoid by switching on my tv. After a short power cut I was making sure things were working again. But at that exact moment I was greeted with a marketing campaign from a global star that I have no wish to follow. And I felt my cynical wings spreading in my annoyance and irritation as they cynically use every leverage available to pull the wool over our eyes and make themselves appear like humanitarian aid that believe in equality. I may be a fairy flitting around happyily and lovingly but I ain’t no clueless angel and when it comes to these abuses of influence and power I become a very angry fairy who feels the need to stand up for all of us little people. So I’m singing out my tune loud and clear to rid myself of this cynical Christmas feeling I was left with before I return back into my own little world which is way more beautiful in all its simplicity.

Because if it’s not bad enough that we are currently in a slow build up to our buffoon prime minister BoJo reinventing himself as the second coming of the man who saved us all, by giving us Christmas, Do we also have to endure all the marketing campaigns from the Amazon shepherds who are busy herding us like captive sheep. Encouraging us to shop early for all our presents through lockdown while all the other smaller local high street shops struggle to survive as they have been shut down and can’t even try to compete.
Oh come all ye faithful sheep to make our shareholders joyful and triumphant as we cream all the profits on this unfair playing field.
They always say that during a war there are people who make profits on the back of others misery. It tended to be in the back streets behind closed doors. Now it’s in your face as bold as brass.
In this case Kings disguised as shepherds as they hide all their bling and pretend to be all about the people. And of course we are so well versed in singing from their song sheet now that we positively delight in their sparkle and cheap prices seemingly completely unaware that it will be our children who pay the price in times to come when they all become the little donkeys in this world doing all the heavy lifting.

Isn’t it funny in this modern world of marketing how easily it is to change the story and those greedy and power hungry people are instead seen as our saviours.

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