A Little Light

I’m a sharer. I love to share.

I lighted some candles tonight.
I wanted to create some light for those hidden places in the dark.
I don’t know what it all means but I know where I’m sending these lights and why.

I have felt a lot of love from those who are closest to me over the past week. It’s nice to love and feel loved.

My friend sent me a book in the week.
It made me really happy in a moment I needed a cuddle. I put my postcard inside as my bookmark.
Why is it that special people like that aren’t even aware of just how special they are.

I’m learning the piano. I’ve been practising my c scale. My teacher said I’m a quick learner. I like doing this homework. I love that I became a musician overnight.

Sometimes I have moments of feeling insecure. It sweeps across me as i judge myself and worry about being rejected for being worthless.
I’m getting better at calling it out, feeling it and letting it go.
I was open and shared things that we are often to scared to show or see.
Real feels beautiful to me and I feel proud that I’m able to be that.

I’m buying a new car next week. It’s the same as the one I had but it’s a bit newer and white instead of red. I didn’t choose the colour it was just because it was the cheapest and best value. But I loved the thought of driving in a Snowy White Cloud Bubble.
I was asked by my girl how I could hope to keep it clean.
Well I suppose if i never ever drove it and washed it every day it would keep that new and sparkling and perfect image.
Only I don’t really care much about perfect. And everything is always much more easy and fun when you aren’t worrying about how it looks to others.
Especially as I’m the one who is driving it.
Funny how I’m finally gonna have a built in sat nav to tell me where I’m going just as I find myself wIshing to try out more unfamiliar routes. I feel happy to get a little lost as I find my way to somewhere.

Be happy in the moments you feel happy.

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