The Generation Game

The Generation Game

“Life is the name of the game and I want to play the game with you”.

Turns out I want to play my own game with the people I like playing with.
The more I have found my way back to me the more I remember how life for me has always been about enjoyment and fun. The cosy silly stuff that comes with a wink.

Life now feels steeped in people telling you what you can and can’t do.
In fact we are so up to our eyes in rules that even wiping your own arse comes with a set of guidelines.
I googled it and here it is

”The Right Way to Wipe
Simply reach behind your back and between your legs, using plenty of crumpled or folded toilet tissue, and wipe backward from the perineum (the space between the genitals and anus) toward and past the anus. Use additional wads of toilet tissue as needed until the paper is mostly clean.”

Hand Arse Wipe

How did all those previous generations manage?

My point which I know I’m making very basically using the “Hands Face Space” ideology, is where’s all the fun gone?
Forget covid this was already an issue before a pandemic turned up.
All the laughs, All the craziness, All the do what you like. Otherwise known as Freedom.
Where life is a big old carry on…

I quite loved watching a an old version of The Big Match this morning. Took me back to being a little kid. He apologised for those watching in black and white as the light blue of Coventry and the gold shirts of wolves would look exactly the same.
I couldn’t help but laugh. I doubt anyone cared.
The atmosphere in the stadium could be felt through the tv screen in a way I remember when I went to Highbury as a kid.
Lots of cheering and singing and swearing.
“Those awful football louts”.
Or an outlet for all those other frustrations of life that still exist but now we have to keep it all inside?
Talk about suppressed.
Are we supposed to live passionless lives keeping all our emotions in check.
Those emotions will find their way out somehow. How would we like them to manifest themselves?
We like things all clean and sanitised now.
But where does all the dirt go? Does it just disappear?
There is something very liberating in not having to show perfection. In fact I would go as far as to say that I find perfection in others very dull.
I couldn’t live a life in that world. I’d be scared to put my naked arse on their perfect white leather sofa.
Give me the real version every day of the week.
It’s easy to create beautiful dreamy with real but I find it match harder to find real amongst the superficial.

The last time I went to a game was just before they moved to the Emirates. I could already feel the change in a growing more middle class money crowd.
That same passion completely lacking. That solidarity in being part of a working class voice, lost. Sitting politely in their seats like they were at the ballet and telling my older bro off for his bad language. There are children here.

So we can make hard porn available to all our kids at the touch of a button and show more violence in kids films and games but if you say F ing C in real life then its disgusting.
I remember laughing inside at the contradictions of this crazy world as my older bro completely ignored them and raised his voice.

The more time ticks on the more I see how as long as it looks nice then who cares what it looks like underneath.

I love watching old game shows and the crazy contestants of the past. Before we were all wised up about image image image.
The people were hilarious. There was just always a sense of fun in it all.
It wasn’t all about the money.
The sort of silly stuff that makes kids and adults laugh alike. We are all kids at heart aren’t we?
Well I always thought so. But in fact now it all feels as though we have to be grown up and sophisticated.
Less feeling the child in you and more of a wish to be twenty forever.

I love people who are young at heart as opposed to wanting to be young. They will never age for me. They are completely timeless.

And I expect why I have always disliked being around small talk that tries to be sophisticated. Lots of grown ups trying to be grown up with lots of clever grown up humour that makes people guffaw.
My girl has already noticed it at uni. Where are all the funny people she said? I really like the people here but I’m struggling to find people with proper funny bones. They are all a bit serious.
I guess she has grown up being around people who love a laugh.
Those down to earth types that shared their stories in what having a laugh looked like. She is always looking for it but struggles to find it in this modern world.

I loved last Sunday when I heard from JH who sent me a link to the Arsenal shop and told me to spend my birthday money in a place where all my dreams would come true.
He always makes us laugh doesn’t he L. Probably a bit of the Irish in him with all his stories. A place to share a love of Father Ted and Stella Street.
L too being a full of dry comedy that makes me laugh. I like being around that.
Because life is all about the crack.
I believe I may have gone full circle and be back where I started.
Do I want to be rich? No
I want more Fun and Laughs.
I love laughing, I love being carefree and I love having friends that love having a laugh too.
And that doesn’t cost nothing.
So as we gradually move towards Christmas I’ve gone backwards for some inspiration from the generation before me.
Love it!!!!
More of that please!!!!

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