“Say hi to the Pixie in the tree” said the dad as he and all the kids waved to me and I smiled and waved back.

“I like your tree” said one of the kids. “Thankyou” I replied “Its the best one in the forest”

In fact it is my second favourite tree in the forest. The other one broke or was cut at the end of the last lockdown. But I feel safe here. It’s been my new forest home for a while. It’s a little more tucked away and can sometimes feel a bit dark but today the sun found its way through and it looked really pretty with all the leaves on the ground.

“A supernatural being in folklore and children’s stories, typically portrayed as small and humanlike in form, with pointed ears and a pointed hat.”

I like that I’m super natural.

On such a beautiful day I had been struggling to engage with the forest. Even though the trees looked amazing and lots of people smiled at me. Maybe they smiled because I looked like a cool little pixie in my jeans and leather jacket with my shiny newly washed hair beneath my pixie hat.
Or perhaps in fact they were all feeling sorry for me being on my own which seems to be a very uncommon thing in this lockdown. Everyone seems to be with someone this time round. I didnt see anyone else on their own. Did everyone rush to find people in the gap between lockdowns?
Does it now make me stand out?
Poor little lonely pixie.
Yeah I was feeling it today but I think because I’m just so tired. The stuff with P’s dad is just so sad and draining, and then on top Ive been sitting with “feeling small”.
And this little pixie just can’t shake that feeling off.
Reminds me of when I used to be in that class.

As I sat here quietly writing, a squirrel has started coming up the tree and is sitting only a metre away from me.

Could I be any more Pixie?!

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