Le Voyage Des Mots

The most inspiring person in my life is my girl. She is surrounded in magic. She doesn’t realise it of course but I feel it even when she is miles away.
She makes me believe.

The tough little cookie who is no nonsense and just gets on with it, but hidden underneath is the kindest most thoughtful and caring young woman. She doesn’t yet recognise all the strength and power that she holds in that teeny tiny body.
If she ever does I think she might take over the whole world and be unstoppable.

It takes a lot of core strength to stand en pointe and make it look beautiful and effortless.
That’s how she appears to me all of the time.
She has a natural grace to her. She definitely did not get that from me. There has always been an elegance and style to her which always seemed different to the norm when she was growing up.

But then of course she opens her mouth. “ I definitely get noticed by my teachers”she said. “ I make them laugh when I chat.”
Yes I imagine she does. She can morph with ease between Broadway show stopper to the girl who will serve you a nice fry up and a mug of tea mate.
She has a cheeky wink that spins back to a bygone era but comes with that gentle and genuine kindness in looking out for others.

Finding herself amongst alot of girls from very affluent backgrounds who went to prestigious ballet and acting schools. Well trained in technique and confidence.
There isn’t a huge amount of diversity going on here she says. Something she discussed with one of her flat mates. He is aware and she asked him what that felt like. I remember noticing it at all the auditions.
She is seeing lots of people falling at this first stage with all the pressures of uncertainty and restrictions. It’s a tough time to be at university even though she has been very lucky in her experience.

But it’s also a tough old real world and a tough game to want to be in. Dog eat dog. You need to have a thick skin, be resilient, keep on trying and be able to take rejection. And in the real world they don’t care if you are having a bit of an off day. The show must go on as they say so either toughen up and dance or make room for the next person who will.
Blimey I don’t think I would cut it.

“Good job I’m a tough cookie” she says.
“My classes are often half full because everyone is suffering with anxiety. Do they realise they are paying 9 grand for not turning up?”

So spoken by the girl who knows the price of milk. This thing wasn’t a given in life. You know, the thing that we just all do. No one in the family to chat to about what it’s like to be at university. Learn as you go and tell us all about it. She’s a star in the family just in that.
But to be doing what you love. Well that’s unheard of.
She’s positively maverick.

If ever I saw a person grabbing an opportunity with both hands then I don’t need to look further than her. While a pandemic swirls around and has us all spinning she is busy catching up on the technique she missed in the scout hut where she learned to dance or her bedroom where she learnt to sing. When she spins it is pirouettes that are graceful and controlled. As well as a big smile knowing that she has been given this chance.
No not given… earnt.
And I hear her continuing to earn it. She is certainly not feeling that entitlement.
It’s not like she ever went without. We always tried really hard to give her what we never had. It’s what you do with your kids. But she didn’t grow up in a big house with a flash motor. And she never asked for stuff. She was always just happy with whatever she got. She’s always grateful. She definitely does not play into the stereotype of the only child. I always think they get a rough deal. She’s independent for sure but she’s also very caring and kind and a sharer.

They had said they were looking for potential. Natural talent that can be trained.
Every time she contacts me she shares something new in her progress. Taking every tiny bit of instruction or feedback and trying to use it to become better.

Hiring dance and music rooms everyday in a place where facilities are in a different league to what she has been used to. She must feel like she walked into some kind of fantastical movie.
Realising she has everything she needs to get where she wishes to go. Wherever that may be. Right now she’s just enjoying every moment.

I hear her excitement when she sends things that have great feedback attached.
“They don’t butter you up here” she says “so when they do it really means something.”
Basic recordings on a phone offering an insight into her increasing confidence.
From “should I be here” to “I’m right up there at the top of my class.”
Another opportunity that she has seen and is now applying for.
Her motivation seems off the scale. Like someone gave her a gift and she isn’t gonna let it go until it’s completely worn out.

And right now in a time that is feeling really difficult and tiring and I sometimes wonder what life is all about, she provides me with so much inspiration as she shares all her successes and excitement. Giving me a feeling of pride and satisfaction in having played a small part in that.
Knowing that she got there in her own special way.
Always wanting her to enjoy the whole spectrum of wonderful things in being a child and all the freedom that comes from just playing with your friends and going to parties and being at a regular school doing regular stuff.
Perhaps she missed all the technique of those full time ballet and performing art schools of her now peers, but I think she learnt so much more than just the dance steps.
Because what sits behind that is her wonderful character.
That’s what makes her a proper star … and what is so inspiring for me about my girl.

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