I Love You ❤️

Yesterday morning my mum sent me a message. She was very sad in feeling so far away from everyone she loves.

Tonight I read one half of a book that has left me going to sleep thinking about love transcending everything. Powerful words spoken from a place of such realness, but talking about the difference love made to him in just being able to feel it at some unexplainable and spiritual level. I could not have felt more of a connection than in that very notion.
I was blown away in reading about things that have been in my mind but in a way that make sense to me.

Sometimes I can find myself feeling embarrassed when I talk of love as though I am seen as some kind of wishy washy needy girl full of fluff and nonsense.

But he reinforced my belief that at the simplest, deepest and most spiritual level, life comes down to being able to feel that someone out there is loving you and you are loving them back.

So I go to sleep tonight never feeling more proud in being a girl who loves, and wanting to share the sentimental little song that some would laugh at but I sent to my mum yesterday because I really love her and I knew it would make her feel better.

I hope the people I love always know just how much I really do love them.


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