Today I turned a corner in feeling like a somebody.
Not in the sense of the word that others would think of a somebody.
Nothing has changed. I’m not known for anything amazing, I’m not high up in the rankings of important people, I don’t have a voice that people stop and listen to …
but as I walked round the corner to my local shops with a little spring in my step listening to this tune I was so aware of the feeling I was holding.
An invisible confidence in just being quiet.
All the anger and frustration in others who think themselves better had finally subsided.
No need to compete or compare myself to what I have no wish to be.
I only want to be peaceful and happy.
I felt the lightness of that and wanted to share it.
Still no plan other than
Just to do things in my own way.
Welcoming anyone who wishes to be part of that. I’ll make you feel at home. You’ll be loved and cared about and we will have so much fun and laughs.

As I walked I knew that’s what I was giving out as I looked at people and smiled and they smiled or waved back. It was so lovely. I really felt the many connections today. Old and young. Men and women. Black Brown and White.. Whoever passed me.
A smile knows no bounds.

I felt like a girl. Ten years fell away from me just like that.
A good nights sleep and a wish to feel the lightness that has always been my way.
It was like the worry lines vanished and only the smile lines remained.

I woke up with a feeling of happy and light hearted quietness. Old style!

As I walked towards the alleyway behind the train and bus station I saw an Indian kid of about 18 being dropped off and head down the alley in front of me.
What happened next made me smile in a way that only my friend will really understand.
As he got about halfway through the alley in a spot where he probably thought no one might see him, he started to skip. I mean properly skip … like a young boy. It felt so joyful. As he turned the corner, a little way behind him, in a place where he wouldn’t see me, I skipped too.
That really happened! Can you believe it!

I wonder what his inspiration was.
In that moment I could feel mine.

I like simple living and trying to make a difference. Trying to make a difference gives me purpose and makes me feel part of more in a way I wish to feel more.
As for adventure and excitement.. well that just makes me feel joyful and happy and provides the balance that I need.
That’s where I’m at today ❤️

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